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10 Ingenious Wine Tools to Simplify Life and Amplify Conversation

Feb 20, 2018 By Shawn Zarecki 2 years ago

Black Box Wines defy convention and celebrates innovation, so this month we are sharing our wine gizmo obsessions. These brilliant tools enable convenience and tastefully embody our philosophy of living the good life for less.

1. “Me Time” Wine-Friendly Bath Caddy (Coming Soon as a Black Box Reward!)

Nothing washes away a stressful day like a warm bubble bath with a glass of Black Box wine. Available on a variety of sites from Amazon to Etsy, beautiful wood and bamboo bath caddies allow you to sip and soak while catching up on your favorite show or diving into a good book. More of a shower person? We have you covered with shower-friendly wine-glass holders (use with caution). Pro Tip: Pairs perfectly with Black Box Pinot Noir.

Wine Tools Bath Caddy Ideas

2. Wine & Dine Mingling Plates

Walk, talk, eat, drink, dance and more with mingling plates that allow you to carry both bites and box wine effortlessly in one palm. Circulate at a party without feeling tethered to a table, but be careful if you talk with your hands.

Wine Tools - Mingling Plates

3. Tipsy Wine Glasses

Never break another delicate stem with practical, yet inventive design-inspired aerating glasses, balanced for the perfect oxygen-filled swirl. These game-changing glasses are an ideal vessel to release the black currant, toasty oak, and vanilla aromas of Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon. And for an even more radical option, check out fountain-inspired glasses, made for those with a steady pour.

Wine Tools - Tipsy Wine Glasses

4. Wine Pairing Towel Set

Bring 3,808 potential wine pairings to your fingertips with somm-worthy towels featuring combinations for 68 popular wines and 56 different foods. Each towel includes particulars such as acidity, body, tannins and sweetness for each wine – one for reds and one for whites. Black Box Chardonnay with roasted chicken, anyone?

Wine Tools - Wine Pairing Towel Set

5. Portable, Pop-Up Wine Wares

Black Box Rose Season is just around the corner! A set of pop-up wine glasses will surely class up your next outdoor occasion. These clever inventions are an especially practical partner for boat or poolside sipping since they aren’t made from glass.

Wine Tools - Portable, Pop-Up Wine Wares

6. Musical Glasses

Did you know that you can make music with your wine? Simply fill these magical glasses to the sandblasted fill line indicating the desired note, and run a finger along the rim of the glass to create a gentle vibration and your glass will sing! A surefire hit at parties, each glass comes with a downloadable song list to inspire musical greatness and pairs perfectly with Black Box Sauvignon Blanc.

7. The Wine Purse (Coming Soon as a Black Box Reward!)

Never let a craving go unfulfilled – the wine purse contains a secret pouch for discreetly storing and pouring your Black Box wine on-the-go whether at the movies, on a plane, or actually, anywhere. Talk about taking the party with you (just make sure you’re not breaking any open container laws)…

Wine Tools - Wine Purse

8. Red Wine Stain Remover

When filling your wine purse with Black Box Merlot, don’t forget a bottle of this must-have invention. For those unfortunate but inevitable moments, spritz red wine remover on a fresh stain and watch the blotch disappear. Safe for all colorfast fabrics and available in purse-friendly sizes, red wine stain remover is a perfect pairing to our portable go-packs.

Wine Tools - Red Wine Stain Remover

9. Never An Empty Glass

Ever wonder what drinking wine will look like in the future? This fascinating invention keeps your glass refilled without ever overflowing. Fill the bulb with Black Box Malbec and as you sip, the balance of air and water pressure continually refills the attached glass.

Wine Tools - Never and Empty Glass

10. Track Your Favorite Wines with a Picture

Curious about a new varietal but want more information before you buy? Apps like Delectable and Vivino allow you to snap a photo of a wine bottle (or box!) and instantly return ratings and reviews, as well as allow you to add your own commentary and track your wish list and favorites. These apps create a convenient library for learning about wine and keeping track of the ones you’ve enjoyed – no more tasting notes on the back of a napkin!

These tools and accessories all pair perfectly with Black Box Wines. Browse online or at your local shop to take your wine experience up a notch.

We know it’s difficult to make wine more enjoyable, but we like a good challenge. Enjoy!