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Five Ways To Throw The Ultimate Sangria Party

Apr 16, 2018 By Shawn Zarecki 1 year ago

Add some flavor to your next gathering with Black Box’s new Red Sangria. Our Sangria is packed with refreshing tastes of berry and citrus, and hints of orange zest lead to a crisp, invigorating finish. No need to overspend on ingredients or labor over measuring cups – simply add ice, slices of your favorite fresh fruit, and your favorite friends.

Stir Things Up

Cooking for a crew? Made from yellow rice, aromatic herbs, and a variety of regional ingredients, paella cooks up in large batches as easily in your kitchen as over an outdoor fire. Choose your favorite proteins and vegetables – anything from chorizo, to peppers, to shrimp, chicken, and tomatoes – or just add them all. Plenty of onions, garlic, and saffron give this dish not only savory flavors, but also an irresistible aroma. For inspiration, see this how-to guide for Seafood and Chicken Paella with Chorizo.

Five Ways To Throw The Ultimate Sangria Party

An Artsy Evening

In the spirit of Spanish artists Picasso and Dali, surprise your friends with a Sangria Paint Night channeling the Mediterranean masters. Just grab some brushes, paints and canvases and let the creativity (and the sangria) flow!

Five Ways To Throw The Ultimate Sangria Party

Gather a Team for Bocce

Once the sangria is flowing (among the adults!), heat up the competition with this age-old backyard game friendly for kids, parents, grandparents and even an angsty teenager. One player throws out a jack (smaller ball) and the teams then throw larger bocce balls trying to get the closest to the jack. Closest to the jack scores! To host your own tournament, see this DIY guide to building your own backyard bocce court.

Tapas Times

Small, savory Spanish dishes, tapas are the perfect complement to Black Box Red Sangria. Potatoes with spicy brava sauce or ham, cheese, and chorizo on bread are two classic options that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. To elevate the night with a Mediterranean feel, add turquoise throw pillows and pure white candles to your table, and mimic tones of the coast with coral and peach place settings or floral centerpieces.

Five Ways To Throw The Ultimate Sangria Party

Dare To Dance

Pandora’s Mediterranean Nights radio will give any event an instant beach vibe. Add strings of sparkling lights to illuminate the evening and challenge your friends to a flamenco dance-off. If you’re really getting into theme, enlist a teacher to give lessons to you and your friends.