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Must-Have Black Box Gear of Summer 2018

Jun 21, 2018 By Shawn Zarecki 1 year ago

Summer is the ideal time to seek adventure and enjoy the world around us without fuss. Available now as a Reward or for purchase through The Pool Room our new Black Box Sangria Air Lounger allows you to effortlessly unplug without sacrificing comfort or style.

How Does It Work?

The Black Box Sangria Air Lounger inflates in seconds for comfortable seating anytime, anywhere. Simply open the lounger and move forward in a single, brisk motion to capture the air. Once full, close the end with a few rolls and secure with an easy snap of the strap. No user manuals, electricity, batteries or teamwork required.

Read on for inspiration for where and how to use your Black Box Sangria Air Lounger!

Black Box Sangria Air Lounger – How it works

Black Box Sangria Air Lounger Wine Picnic Outdoors

A Breathtaking View

Nobody said climbing a mountain would be easy, but the view from the top is worth it. From Maine’s Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park to California’s John Muir Trail, find a hike near you using a site like TrailLink or a free app like AllTrails. When you reach your peak or find a scenic spot along the way, you can literally lay back and relax with the Black Box Sangria Air Lounger, which is virtually weightless and fills instantly. No heavy pump, no bulky chairs — just the comfort of being surrounded by fresh air and world-class views. If you’re relying on an app to track your trail, this is the perfect moment to use your Black Box Portable Charger to power up your phone.

Black Box Sangria Breathtaking View

Music and Movies under the Stars

From small towns to big cities, check your local listings to find movies and concerts being screened or performed outdoors this summer. These events are generally free and make for a creative and fun date night, girls night, or family affair. Don’t lug your sports or beach chairs to avoid sitting on the grass; Black Box Sangria Air Lounger is infinitely easier on your back while you trek to the park and enjoy the show. You can even share a single lounger like a love seat. Here’s a fun tip: If you’re allowed to bring in food and wine to the outdoor event, bring our Black Box Rewards Picnic Backpack and enjoy a cheese and wine picnic or full dinner spread. We also suggest bringing some Black Box Red Sangria to share with friends (it will probably result in your making friends too).

Black Box Sangria Music and Movies Under the Stars

Summertime Sleepovers

From glamping to a friend-filled AirBnB, don’t get caught sleeping on a hard floor, uncomfortable couch, or slowly deflating air mattress. The Black Box Sangria Air Lounger will stay inflated for up to 8 hours and will keep you comfortable and off the ground all night – all while taking up less space in a suitcase or backpack than your favorite pullover sweatshirt. At bedtime, it fills quietly and without any special equipment,ready to cuddle up whenever you are. Time to close your eyes and dream about tomorrow’s adventures!


Overseas travel rarely comes without a trying layover or flight delay. the Black Box Sangria Air Lounger softens these inconvenient moments with the ability to lay back and relax. Fill partially and enjoy as an instant chair when the gate is crowded or you need to catch a few winks between flights. The lounger also comes in handy during trips, easy to pop open in parks and at monuments when a few moments of basking in the sun and taking everything in can create a lifetime of memories.

Black Box Sangria Passport Required

Sun, Sand, Sangria

The ultimate beach seating, the Black Box Sangria Air Lounger is made for the sand. Using only air, the lightweight, water-resistant lounger becomes a comfortable seat for you to soak up the sun and relax with a drink. Black Box Rosé Go Packs or Black Box Red Sangria would be the perfect beach bag addition.

Black Box Sangria Air Lounger at the Beach

Whether resting your legs at a music festival, getting cozy around a fit pit, or lounging poolside, the options for outdoor comfort are limitless when you’re carrying a couch in a bag.

No reservations, no chargers, no tickets, no lines – all you needs is fresh air. Cheers!

Black Box Sangria Air Lounger Wine Picnic