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NEW Buttery Chardonnay—How Is It Different from the Original?

Aug 26, 2021 By Digital Attic 4 weeks ago

Do you prefer your Chardonnay buttery or bright? The fact is, you don’t have to choose because Black Box Wines has them both. As you’ve likely enjoyed a glass or two of our original Chardonnay in the past, we’re especially excited to offer you a latest variety to add into your regular rotation: Black Box Buttery Chardonnay!

We’ll fill you in on all the details about our two Chardonnays—the original and our latest Buttery Chard—to help you decide when to reach for which wine. Each one has its own unique taste, so you can experiment with yummy pairings, cocktails, and your favorite wine-sipping occasions.

Why try buttery?

It’s nice to mix things up between our original and the Buttery Chard from time-to-time!

Do they taste very different?

Yes! Share tasting notes and food pairings for each varietal.

When should I enjoy them?

Offer creative consumptions occasions for each varietal. For Barefoot wines, we positioned the “OG Chardonnay” as a great choice for daytime sipping and the Buttery Chardonnay for evening occasions. Would we like to take a similar approach for BBX?

Why Black Box?

Quality and value! 40% less expensive, 70 gold medals