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Rosé Season: Easy Ways to Drink Pink and Think Pink with Black Box Wines

Mar 20, 2018 By Shawn Zarecki 1 year ago

It’s time for a toast – rosé season is officially here! Soak up the sun or relax in the shade with a glass of pink wine in hand. Packed full of strawberry and watermelon aromatics and complemented with flavors of white peach, Black Box’s rosé is the perfect way to celebrate the warm weather. Here are a few fun ways to Drink Pink and Think Pink this Spring and Summer…

Perfect Pink Pairings: Rosé is exceptionally versatile, easy to drink with or without food. For a festive twist on a spring salad, pair Black Box Rosé with Melon, Salami, and Artichoke Salad. For a party pass-around or even a picnic with friends, we love our Rosé alongside seasonal Asparagus, Prosciutto and Roma Tomatoes. For pretty pink pairings with a sweet twist, think Watermelon Skewers or Pink Macaroons.

Either Gender, Any Day: Whether you call it salmon, apricot, or blush, nothing says summer like a little pink woven into a warm-weather wardrobe. Expertly tailored pink golf pants, a charming pink tie, or the elegance of a rose gold watch and cufflinks are all all lovely accents that will truly pop against a glass of Black Box Rosé wine.

Black Box Wines Rose Season

Celebrate Pink with a Meaningful Gift: Perhaps the most recognizable symbol in the world of awareness is the pink ribbon reminding us that there is work to do in breast cancer research. To celebrate pink and give to a worthy cause, consider a donation to an organization that matters to you. Wearing your pink to show you care is perhaps the most fashion-forward statement you can make all season.

Pool Party On: You don’t have to get your hair wet to enjoy the pool. Float along with your friends in our special edition floating chaise set, the perfect partner for Black Box Rosé Go Packs. Check out Black Box Rewards to get your own shell-shaped floating dream for the pool, beach, lake, or river. And to complete the party, stir up a batch of our frosé.

Black Box Wines Rose Season

Pour Pink: Have a little fun with your fruit by turning a watermelon into a cool drink dispenser that’s sure to delight guests at your next alfresco adventure.  For this creative way to enjoy your favorite drinks, all you need is a fresh watermelon and a spigot set. Slice one end from the melon and carve out the flesh to form a bowl. Insert the spigot, and you’ve transformed this summer fruit favorite into a functional Rosé wine dispenser. Surprise guests with an extra splash of pink by pouring Black Box Rosé into the melon for a crisp and fruit-forward wine refresher!

Black Box Wines Rose Season

Rosé Season Is Also Rose Season: Being a host or hostess is no easy feat. The next time you’re headed to a cocktail party, summer BBQ, or dinner with friends, express your thanks by bringing a burst of beautiful pink flowers. Most pink flowers are in season in spring and summer, so a wide range of blooms from roses to snapdragons will be available at your local market.

Black Box Wines Rose Season

No party or warm-weather afternoon is complete without a glass of Black Box Rosé. Pink is the drink – and color – for everyone, served however you like it.