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Your Winter Bucket List – With A Black Box Wines Twist

Nov 29, 2018 By Shawn Zarecki 9 months ago

Winter is the perfect time to get adventurous in the snow or cozy up inside and do nothing at all. Make this December one to remember by putting a new spin on old classics with our Black Box Winter Bucket List (and a glass or two of our smooth and bold Black Box Wines Cabernet Sauvignon)…

A January Beach Party?!

It sounds crazy… because it is. Each winter, brave participants around the country charge through the snow into icy waters while family and friends cheer them on – all in the name of their favorite charities. Use Google search to find a Polar Plunge near you and make sure to have a waiting glass of Black Box Wines Shiraz to warm you up after.

Beach Party

It Was A Dark Winter’s Night…

Hunkering down with a mystery is the perfect way to pass a bitterly cold winter day. Check out Goodreads’ Top Mysteries of 2018 for a reliable recommendation, or if you prefer to add some Netflix to your chill, check out the Netflix original series Making A Murderer, which just released its second season. The Black Box Wines spin? Host your own murder mystery dinner party (check out this link for themes and supplies). Is that blood on the carpet… or just a splash of Black Box Wines Pinot Noir?

Take Up A New Trade

Always wanted to make the perfect grilled cheese or DIY latte? Whatever you’d like to master in the kitchen, cold winter days are the perfect time to pick up a new craft. If you don’t have a cookbook handy, YouTube is a wonderful source for cooking tutorials. Ready to go from novice to expert? Invest in an online MasterClass with Gordon Ramsay or Thomas Keller. Already consider yourself a practiced chef? Consider volunteering with residents of a local senior center and teaching each other about your favorite hobbies (and your favorite Black Box Wines).

New Trade

Not Your Average Warm Up

After a long, cold commute, warm your body and calm your mind with a hot yoga class where the room is heated often above 100° F. Black Box Wines Rewards members: don’t forget your yoga mat and bag. Remember to ask your doctor before you do anything potentially overheating!

Treat Yourself

Book a fancy hotel room or dine at a restaurant with a menu in another language. Go to a local hockey game and cheer like you mean it. Score tickets to the ballet, check out open mic night at a comedy club, or hunt down hard-to-get seats to a new musical. You can always keep it simple (and affordable) at community theater or municipal concerts where many groups perform for free around the holidays or opt for a staycation at an Airbnb with a hot tub in the backyard!

Treat Yourself

Draw an Adult Bubble Bath

For a quieter evening, bring your new novel into a steaming hot bath with a glass of Black Box Wines Merlot and a softly scented candle. Black Box Wines Rewards members: don’t forget your Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy, complete with a spot for your book and your wine and your Black Box Wireless speaker. For complete relaxation, just press play on an audiobook and let someone read to you as you lean back and lounge.

Bubble Bath

Host A Black Tie Wine Tasting Party

Ugly Sweaters are a dime a dozen. This holiday season, kick it up a notch by throwing a black tie dinner or wine tasting party at home. Elevate the evening even further by pouring several Black Box reds into glasses before your guests arrive—being sure to keep track of what’s what—and quizzing your pals on their blind tasting skills. Can they tell Merlot from Malbec? Shiraz from Sangria? Or put them to the test with an official Wine Tasting game. Oh, and we just happen to have the perfect prize for the winner—and it’s already wrapped!

An Unexpected Movie Marathon

Pull out the classics with the likes of Frozen, Home Alone, and The Shining, but with the added twist of Black Box Wines’ Holiday Movie BINGO. Winner gets to pick the next movie and your next Black Box Wines varietal (we recommend our Black Box Wines Red Blend!).

With Black Box Wines, being snowed in has never been so much fun.

Cabernet Sauvignon