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A Halloween party doesn’t have to mean warted witches and cheap plastic teeth—it can be a chic and tasteful event. And you can do it all without breaking the bank! With a few simple tips and tricks, and some boxes of Black Box Wine, you can throw an effortlessly grown-up Halloween wine-and-cheese party that has all the well-dressed drama without the crazy kitsch or terrifying price tag.

Ditch the Tired Décor

While the traditional Halloween party of unchecked whimsy has its place, this grown-up affair saves the cheese for the actual cheese plate. So, your first step is to pick a simple, but dramatic motif. For a modern look, keep the palette clean and chic with black and white sprinkled with a few pops of gold or brass. If you love a more opulent style, go with an old-world vintage palette and feature loads of black and charcoal hues with rich plums and reds (our wines do double work here). Pewter tea sets, utensils, or simple accessories like candlesticks, frames, and vases add a moody, aged vibe.

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Do More With Less

Pick a few strategic spots for the thematic décor. No need to break the bank over-dressing your home. The moderated approach keeps the party setting stylishly graceful. Employ some no-carve black and white pumpkins, eerie antique photos, shadowy floral arrangements and plenty of candlelight on the table and mantle. Then, dim the lights (yes, less light too!) for an otherworldly Halloween vibe. Candleholders and candelabras do double duty here by complementing your chosen motif.

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Offer Classic Wine & Cheese Pairings

Our bold Cabernet Sauvignon, enticing Pinot Noir and rich Chardonnay hit just the right notes of refined drama, while the price tag has no drama at all—perfect for our affordably chic party. But what to pair them with?

When serving Pinot Noir, we like to offer Gruyere alongside a softer, creamy cheese such as brie or camembert. With something bold like Cabernet Sauvignon, try pairing equally bold cheeses such as sharp cheddar, aged gouda or gorgonzola. Our rich Chardonnay pairs well with a wide range of cheeses from cheddar to Havarti and even triple cream.

For the meat lovers (and to add a dramatic visual punch) include a few charcuterie staples such as calabrese, prosciutto or good old-fashioned salami. Finish the arrangement with deliciously dark fruits such as grapes, figs, plums, and olives along with a split pomegranate for a splash of red.

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Plan Some Games

Yes, it’s a grown-up party, but we like our games, too. Put a Halloween twist on classic charades by making all the clues about ghouls, ghosts, and monsters.