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Rewards FAQs

The Black Box Rewards is our exclusive loyalty program. As a loyalty member, you’ll gain access to exclusive benefits, content, prizes, earn points for shopping* and much more.

Joining our Rewards community is easy – and free! You can create a new Rewards account at under “Create Account”. Become a Rewards member now.

Check out the Earn Points page to get started.
As a Rewards member, there are a variety of ways you can earn points such as referring a friend, completing surveys and polls and earning points for every Black Box wines purchase* (only available in participating states, see rules for further details).

- Go to Account Login Page
- Select "Forgot Password" below, then enter your email address in the pop-up window and hit "Reset Password"
- Retrieve verification code from your email, then navigate back to the pop-up window and click "Got It, Enter Code"
- Type in the code and your new password and then hit "Set New Password"

That's it!

Black Box Rewards allows you to earn points for everything from buying Black Box products to following along on social media. You can then use your points, which act like currency to get exclusive rewards. No wine purchase necessary.

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available to redeem rewards. Your Lifetime Points display the number of points that you have earned since you became a member. Check out the Earn Points page and get started.

Points earned as a member of Black Box Rewards will expire after 365 days of inactivity. To avoid losing your points, simply perform at least one activity in our “Earn Points” section each year.

Upload a photo of your receipt to claim points for your purchase. The following information must be clearly visible in order to process your receipt: Order Date and Time, Order Total, Receipt Number, Product Number, Price, and Store location (including State).

- Offer valid for U.S. residents of legal drinking age.
- Receipts that have already been scanned will not be accepted.
- Offer is prohibited by State Law in AL, CA, HI, IN, MO, NC, MN, NJ, PN, SC, VA, TX, & UT

Helpful tips:

- Make sure your receipt clearly states the product and price of the Black Box product(s) purchased.
- Processing time may take up to 24 hours to complete. - Don't worry! If you navigate away from the page, your receipt will still be processed
- Once your receipt has successfully been processed, points awarded will be logged in your Activity History on the My Account page
- Receipts that have already been scanned will not be accepted

File must be JPG, JPEG, PDF, or PNG. Maximum size is 6 MB.

Receipts can be uploaded up to 90 days after purchase to earn points.

In accordance with state laws and regulations, earning points for the purchase of Black Box Wines is only available in the following states:
- Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming

While earning points for the purchase of Black Box Wines is not available in accordance with state laws and regulations, members can still earn points for activities and redeem prizes in the following states:
- Alabama, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas

Black Box Rewards members residing in the state of Utah may not earn or redeem points in any capacity in accordance with state laws and regulations.

You can earn points for most activities on a mobile device. You'll need to disable private browsing on your mobile browser.

Click the "Redeem" button located on the reward detail page, then follow the checkout instructions. You will receive a confirmation email when the transaction is complete. Please expect up to 6 business days to receive gift cards and up to 18 business days to receive physical merchandise.

You can redeem one reward at a time. Some rewards have a limited quantity per user.

All redeemed reward transactions are final. Please make sure you double check the items in your rewards cart prior to checking out.

Unfortunately you can’t transfer (or sell) points or rewards to anyone else in the program.

Head over to Earn Points and, under Connect with Black Box, select all available social networks to earn maximum points.

If you choose to disconnect your social networking accounts from the program, click the "Disconnect" link in the same section.

By subscribing, you'll be the first to hear about new rewards, activities, and official announcements. Plus, you even earn points for opening and clicking on emails we send out. Limit to once to per month.

Head over to the Earn Points page to subscribe.

In order to unsubscribe from emails, go to the Earn Points page and uncheck the email box. Keep in mind you will also lose points for this activity once you're unsubscribed.

Please make sure you are downloading the images displayed within the emails. Only emails that have been fully downloaded are eligible to receive points.

In order to unsubscribe from emails, go to the Earn Points page and uncheck the email box. Keep in mind you will also lose points for this activity once you're unsubscribed.

Please contact a customer support representative by submitting our Contact Form, Ph: 877-801-2042.

Progress is closely monitored and suspicious activity is easily detected; cheating or gaming will not be tolerated. Beating the system by creating a workaround, writing a script or creating multiple accounts to earn points for friend referrals is NOT allowed. In order to ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone, any accounts suspected of cheating will lead to forfeiture of acquired points and possible suspension or termination of your account.

Wine orders are generally shipped to you within 2 business days of order placement. If there are extreme weather conditions, or known carrier delays, there may be delays in shipping the order to you. If this occurs, you will be contacted to discuss options.

Your tier status in the Black Box Rewards Program depends on the points you earn on an annual basis. To maintain your tier status or to level up, you need to earn points by participating in activities within the rewards dashboard. For instance, if you're targeting the Silver tier , you need to earn at least 10,000 points annually. You can earn these points by doing a variety of activities, like uploading your purchase receipts or sharing Black Box Wines on your social media platforms.