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What The Blues Do To Reds: How Music Affects The Taste Of Your Wine

Mar 18, 2019 By Shawn Zarecki 2 years ago

You know which foods best complement your favorite Black Box Wines, but do you know which songs will? Wine and music go hand-in-hand; whether you’re planning a romantic evening for two or attending an outdoor concert your chosen soundtrack can actually affect the taste of your wine.

According to industry expert Clark Smith, wine varietals have distinct moods. When your wine and accompanying music elicit the same temperament, the wine tastes smooth. If they clash, the experience can turn harsh. Intrigued? A little skeptical? Try it out yourself with a simple, fun experiment.

Recreating Mr. Smith’s experiment is both easy and tasty. (But what isn’t tasty when Black Box Wines are involved?) Grab some friends, cue up your favorite music on your Black Box Rewards Bluetooth Speaker, and let’s sample these wine and music pairings to see if you find the same results.

Start with a flight of whites, like Black Box Wines Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Hold off on the music for now and take a sip of each, noting your thoughts on the wines’ characteristics (like fruitiness, smoothness, and so on). Now comes the surprising part. Turn on “California Girls” by the Beach Boys and sip each wine again. Notice anything different? Smith’s research showed that this cheery song enhances a clean, light wine such as the Sauvignon Blanc, complementing the flavors and elevating the overall experience.

How about a tune with a completely different mood? Switch things up by playing “St. Louis Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald. In Smith’s research, Fitzgerald’s smooth vocals and overall vibe weren’t as delicious a fit with the lighter Sauvignon Blanc, but the song was a knockout when paired with a complex, full-bodied wine like Black Box Wines Chardonnay. Try both wines as you listen and see if you come to the same conclusion.

Something strange going on here…

For our reds, try pairing something romantic and classical with the fruity and delicate Black Box Wines Pinot Noir. Or for a completely different experience, crank up some brooding music like The Doors’ “People Are Strange” and enjoy it with the rich and deep-flavored Black Box Wines Cabernet Sauvignon. Take notes, then switch up the wines with the songs. Did you notice the taste and texture of the wine change as the music turned darker? Try it again. It’s all in the name of “research.”

Putting your learnings into practice

With the weather starting to warm up and music festival season upon us, additional at-home experiments may be necessary. So, whether you’re into the EDM of the Electric Daisy Carnival or the classics of New Orleans Jazz Fest, make sure you know which varietals will make an already amazing concert, picnic or party even better. And remember, Black Box Wines is always here to help you discover the perfect pairing.

Who knew science could be so delicious?