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How about a tune with a completely different mood? Switch things up by playing “St. Louis Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald. In Smith’s research, Fitzgerald’s smooth vocals and overall vibe weren’t as delicious a fit with the lighter Sauvignon Blanc, but the song was a knockout when paired with a complex, full-bodied wine like Black Box Wines Chardonnay. Try both wines as you listen and see if you come to the same conclusion.

Putting your learnings into practice

With the weather starting to warm up and music festival season upon us, additional at-home experiments may be necessary. So, whether you’re into the EDM of the Electric Daisy Carnival or the classics of New Orleans Jazz Fest, make sure you know which varietals will make an already amazing concert, picnic or party even better. And remember, Black Box Wines is always here to help you discover the perfect pairing.

Who knew science could be so delicious?