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Black Box Minis 500ML

Black Box Minis offer a convenient drinking experience with their easy-to-open, resealable caps, perfect for enjoying wine on the go. Their shatterproof design ensures worry-free portability, making them ideal for outdoor activities and travel. With each 500mL tetra pak containing approximately 3 glasses of Black Box's award-winning wine, they're shareable and perfect for any occasion where convenience and enjoyment are essential.

Why Are Minis Perfect For Any Occasion?

#1 They Travel Well

Unlike glass bottles, Black Box minis won’t shatter or spill when tossed in the car or packed in a backpack.

#2 They’re The Perfect Size for Sampling

Black Box minis offer 500mL to sip, sample, and share before committing to a 3L box.

#3 Enjoy Wines With Less Waste

Ditch the glass bottle this summer and toast to sustainability! Black Box minis are eco-friendly and compact, with a 60% less carbon footprint than the same size in a glass bottle.

Benefits of Tetras

Discover Our Minis Collection

Resealable, Portable, Shareable