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New Black Box Wines
With Bigger & Bolder Flavor

Are you looking for more rich, smooth, velvety wines?

If vibrant is where you live and you’re searching for a new, exciting wine to pair with a flavorful meal, then you’ve come to the right place.

The same winemakers responsible for Black Box’s history of excellence are bringing even bolder wines to your table. Try any one our new wines for an even grander Black Box experience.

sale price $22.99
Dark Fruit, Berry
Black Box Deep & Dark Cabernet Sauvignon features rich aromas of dark fruit with lingering notes of berry.

Full bodied and packed with rich, exciting aromas that include a sweet bouquet of dark fruit and lingering notes of berry.

sale price $22.99
Cherry, Raspberry Jam, Spice
Black Box Vibrant & Velvety Red Blend features notes of cherry that combine with hints of raspberry jam and toasty spice aromas.

Deep fruit notes of cherry combine with hints of raspberry jam and toasting spice aromas. Guaranteed to add a delicious complexity to your palate.

sale price $22.99
Grapefruit, Bright, Citrus
Black Box Tart & Tangy Sauvignon Blanc is tangy and bright with bold notes of grapefruit and lemon-lime.

Flavorful and bright with pronounced notes of grapefruit and lemon-lime. Oh so refreshingly crisp and scintillating.

50% Less Expensive than Bottled Wines & Stays Fresh

Don’t let the convenient, compact size of Black Box fool you. There are four bottles of wine in one elegant box — and it is 50% less expensive than comparable bottle wines*.

Each 3L box stays fresh for six weeks after opening. If your weekend is over and there’s some Black Box left, simply keep reds on your counter and whites in the fridge, or check out our wine chilling stones to quickly cool your white wines in your glass!

Pour yourself a glass of premium Black Box wine whenever you want, without the fear of wasting a half-full bottle.

Bold & Vibrant in Every Sip

If you’re looking for vibrant taste in a great wine that pairs well with rich, hearty food and snacks … look no further than these new wines from Black Box. Our bigger, bolder, brighter Black Box flavors are sure to pair well with your weekend plans.

*© IRI, Total US MULO, L52 weeks ending 01-09-22, Black Box Wines 3L and Commercial Premium 750mL Wines, Price per 750mL.