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Try Our NEW Buttery Chardonnay!

Do you prefer your Chardonnay buttery or bright? The fact is, you don’t have to choose, because Black Box Wines has them both. As you’ve likely enjoyed a glass or two of our original Chardonnay in the past, we’re especially excited to offer you a new variety to add into your regular rotation: Black Box Buttery Chardonnay!

We’ll fill you in on all the details about our two Chardonnays—the original and our latest Buttery Chard—to help you decide when to reach for which wine. Each one has its own unique taste, so you can experiment with yummy pairings and your favorite wine-sipping occasions. 

Why try Buttery Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is the single most popular wine varietal. And although every Chardonnay is unique based on the grapes and winemaking process, we decided that offering just one Chardonnay for every Black Box Chardonnay occasion isn’t going to cut it. Variety is the spice of life! You may find that you have a favorite between our original and Buttery varietals, or maybe—like us—you’ll find it impossible to choose. Having more options helps you personalize each Chardonnay-sipping occasion to absolute perfection.

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Do they taste very different?

Short answer: yes! Long answer: our original Chardonnay features a balanced palate of tropical mango and pineapple with subtle oak and a complex finish. We like pairing this with entrées featuring grilled chicken, white fish or soft cheeses. Our new Buttery Chardonnay, on the other hand, is rich and creamy with notes of vanilla, baked apple and toasted oak. We like pairing this new wine with seafood, polenta or roasted veggies.

When should I enjoy them?

While we like to mix up our Chardonnay occasions, we especially enjoy serving and sipping our original Chardonnay during the day by the pool or with brunch. Buttery Chardonnay makes for a perfect evening indulgence, whether paired with a home-cooked dinner or curled up on the couch with your favorite movie.

Why Black Box?

There are hundreds of wines (and dozens of Chardonnays) to choose from at your local grocer or wine shop. So what sets us apart from all the other wines out there? In 2003, Black Box Wines redefined the wine category by becoming the first U.S. brand to offer premium, appellation-specific, vintage-dated boxed wines. Since then, our expanding repertoire has earned more than 70 gold medals in wine competitions nationwide, yet still costs 40% less than comparable bottled wines. Not only that, but our unique boxes keep the wine fresh for six weeks after opening (compared to the two-to-five day lifespan of an open bottle.)

Enjoying wine is an art, not a science, so experiment with occasions, pairings and more as you enjoy our original and Buttery Chardonnays. You’re limited only by your own imagination!

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