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Take takeout up a notch

Make reservations for a date night in.

Without the reservations.

Fancyish ways to make your place the best in town.

Takeout and Chard

Chardonnay and Chopsticks

Add a touch of wow to your Kung Pao with Black Box Chardonnay. It’s the perfect pairing for your go-to Chinese spot. Turn the stove off, turn on the tv, and enjoy a Fancyish way to elevate takeout.

Red Blend & Red Sauce

Stir up the spaghetti, and pour up the always favorable Black Box Red Blend. Whether it’s takeout from a local Italian restaurant, or you’re dressing up a jar of sauce with basil and mushrooms, the Black Box Red Blend brings out the bold flavors of Italian cuisine.

Red Blend and Spaghetti Pairing
Pizza and Cab Sauv

Cab Sauv And A Slice

Sometimes the best cheese plate also comes in a box. Pair your favorite slice with Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon for a rich, fancyish full-bodied flavor.

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