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drinking Black Box Mini by the lake drinking Black Box Mini by the lake
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A mini getaway with Black Box Minis.

Lakeside essentials for your mini vacation.

Wherever the sunshine takes you, take your favorite award-winning Black Box varietals along. Relax and unwind with minimal effort, at an affordable cost. Black Box Minis are your go-to portable, shareable, resealable wine for the summer.

couple enjoying Black Box minis by the lake

Lake Life

No boat, no worries. If you’re planning a mini escape during the summer with a small group, keep it simple and find a lakefront property with a dock. Plus, with the portability of Black Box Minis, all in a safe, glass-free box you’re ready to enjoy every last drop of sunshine.

Fancyish Flavors

Get the all inclusive flavors without the all inclusive price tag. Pack up some simple Black Box pairings that don’t require a never ending ingredient list, or a complete kitchen. Opt for simple, seasonal flavors like fruit to take to the dock for the day, like Pinot Grigio Grapes. In a large bowl, pour Pinot Grigio and vodka over grapes. Let them soak for at least 1 hr in the fridge, then strain and pat dry. Coat with a light layer of sugar, and enjoy. 

2 lb. green grapes
750ml Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay
4 oz. vodka
1/2 c. sugar

frozen grapes with Black Box Mini
Black Box and friendly game outside

Friendly Competition

Save the board games for when the sun goes down. Keep it casual and effortless with a game of Bocce Ball in the yard or in the sand. Don’t know how to play? We’ve got you covered. Divide your crew into two teams, 4 players works best. Throw the mini ball first, the Pallina. This is what you’ll aim for with the bocce balls. After the Pallina is thrown, alternate tossing the bocce balls to the Pallina. After everyone tosses their bocce balls, decide who landed closest to The Pallina. Closest to earns a point. Then, go back the other way and toss again.The first team to 12 points wins. 

Portable. Pourable. Versatile Minis.

Lakeside essentials for your staycation.