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Ten Black Box Wine Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

Dec 27, 2017 By Shawn Zarecki 4 years ago

The romance and sparkle of New Year’s Eve melts into the doldrums of mid-winter when goals and resolutions wash away as quickly as holiday glitter eyeshadow. Here at Black Box Wines we know that few things tend to motivate us as much as a glass of award-winning wine—so we offer you this list of 10 wine resolutions you’ll want to keep this year. There’s not a single sit-up or treadmill in the bunch:

Treat Someone to Box Wine as a Gift

Start 2018 with a generous resolution that proves it is as rewarding to give as to get. Attending a festive party? Surprise the hostess with the gift of wine, something she can keep for herself long after the gathering is over. Black Box Wines make such perfect presents—four bottles of wine in one elegant box—you’ll be the most welcomed guest anytime you walk through the door. Keep this in mind throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory moments. Also welcomed on any day that ends with Y.

Forget Wine + Food Conventions

There are some tired rules in standard wine pairing wisdom, but today’s modern tastes like to mix and mingle. Worn-out old adages inhibit creativity and take the fun out of the marriage between food and wine. For example, have you ever been told you could only pair white wine with seafood? If you stick to that guideline you’ll miss out on the beautiful harmony between grilled swordfish and Black Box Pinot Noir. Wait, before you head to the kitchen to try that pairing, you have a list to read…

Commit to Enjoy a New Wine Varietal

Sure, we all have our favorites, but wine lovers are blessed by a countless number of varietals from around the world. If you’ve been a Pinot Noir sipper for years, try Black Box Red Blend in your glass in 2018. Already hip to our Cabernet Sauvignon? Consider Black Box Merlot or Black Box Malbec instead. Promise yourself you’ll try at least one new box wine this year, perhaps on your birthday or another milestone in 2018. Bonus points if you get your beer-loving spouse or friend to sub out lager for Black Box Red Blend along with you.

Pair Wine with Music

Our senses are interconnected—to experience this, treat yourself to a delicious box wine and music pairing. Choose your favorite affordable Black Box wine and compose a few notes about how it makes you feel during each careful sip. When considering these notes, contemplate the sort of music that elicits a similar reaction. Can you sense a Black Box Malbec playlist comprised of smoky, warm jazz? (And ask yourself, is there really any box wine that pairs with boy bands? We didn’t think so. Sorry Harry Styles.)

Visit Wine Country

If vacation plans are part of your 2018 bucket list, a trip to wine country should be a serious consideration. American wines are grown in all 50 states, so weekend and day trips are likely an option for you. Feeling more ambitious? Try California for an immersive wine country experience with over 4,500 wineries from which to choose.

Cut Back on Waste

While they are recyclable in most areas, wine bottles use significant energy to create. Resolutions that help the environment are wide-reaching in their impact. Black Box Wines utilize less energy to produce and transport and have a lighter carbon footprint than bottled wines. And because they’re fully recyclable, our award-winning wines yield 85% less packaging waste. Who doesn’t want to drink to that?

Host a Black Box Wines Tasting Party

Parties aren’t just for holidays and special occasions. Invite friends into your home for a no-reason-at-all wine tasting party. Turn the focus on one region (South America or California, for example) and select a few tasty bites to pair with Black Box Wines from that part of the world. Bonus points for an exotic playlist that matches the theme…

Host a tasting party

Learn Wine Terminology

Have you ever felt a bit shy when ordering wine? While it is true that many languages and technical terms are part of wine discourse, a number of the concepts and expressions are easy to learn and use. For example, the dark and rich varietal Shiraz is the same grape as Syrah—these names are used interchangeably, depending on where they are grown. Consider purchasing a comprehensive wine education book, or watch a few YouTube videos on wine-related subjects that interest you. And of course, check out this very site for lots of box wine wisdom.

Travel the World Through Wine

Looking to experience other cultures? Wine is a beautifully evocative expression of a region. Not only do wines from various parts of the world express themselves individually, they are made with unique cultural traditions. Curious about Chile? Open a Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon and release the aromatics and flavors of this South American wine superstar region.

Share the Love on Social Media

Use your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to tell others about the new Black Box wine you’ll taste in 2018. Not only will you share with your friends and family, these functions also create a sort of online diary for you, a collection of what you enjoyed throughout the year. Bonus points if you make a video to post—perhaps you can teach your friends a thing or two about your new favorite box wine.

Here’s a toast to you and yours in this fresh new year. Black Box Wines is proud to be a part of your daily routine as well as your spectacular celebrations. Cheers to a prosperous and adventurous 2018!